NASPO ValuePoint and SC Statewide Contract for Security

CodeLynx is proud to partner with the National Association of State Procurement Officers (NASPO) and their ValuePoint cooperative purchasing organization to provide Access Control, Burglar Alarm, and Surveillance Services and Equipment to States, Local Governments, Universities, School Districts and all other agencies and Political Subdivisions. As part of this effort to partner with NASPO, CodeLynx will be attending the NASPO Exchange in New York this weekend to learn about the state of Procurement and to get the opportunity to meet and network with other ValuePoint partners and state contracting agencies.

CodeLynx was recently awarded a participating addendum from the State of South Carolina to utilize this NASPO ValuePoint contract to provide these services to government agencies in the State. For more information about what agencies are able to utilize this contract and who to contact please visit the SFAA procurement services page on Using Statewide Contracts. The Statewide contract number for agencies in South Carolina who wish to use this contract to fulfill their security contracting needs is 4400018261.

For more information about the NASPO ValuePoint contracts and Participating Addenda with CodeLynx visit: NASPO ValuePoint Contractor Profile

Visit our Contracts page to learn more about the various contract vehicles CodeLynx has in place for Federal, State, and Local agencies: Contracts

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