ManufacturerNameCategoryPart NumberDescriptionMSRP
AtlasAtlas- SM8CXT-WAudio612079660419SM Series loudspeakers offer quality sound reproduction and contemporary styling. The SM8CXT-W features the SM8CXT60-a 150 watt loudspeaker that combines an 8" diameter, low frequency transducer and a 1" exit, compression driver. The speaker has a curvlilinear, polypropylene cone for lower harmonic distortion, and a built-in crossover network for proper frequency transition between the two reproducers. The low frequency transducer and the high frequency driver feature permanently aligned voice coils for low distortion performance. The copper coils have Polyimide voice coil formers.483.95
The SM8CXT-W features a wood enclosure with a metal grille. Internal hardware, for flying, includes multiple (12) 1/4"-20 inserts for overheard suspension in most any orientation.
A 90 degree conical pattern (2 kHz octave band) and amazing efficiency make the SM8CXT-W a perfect choice for a wide variety of applications including school auditoriums, gymnasiums, cafeterias, church sanct
AtlasAtlas- SM82T-WHAudio612079187232Environment-resistant SM Series loudspeaker systems offer quality sound reproduction and contemporary styling in a compact enclosure. System components consist of a highly efficient woofer section and 1" exit compression driver frequency device. Vocal and musical clarity is optimized by the mathematically conceived, advanced design of the Atlas Sound TRX Control WaveGuide high frequency director. This design provides smooth, even sound coverage (65°H x 65°V). The high frequency section is symmetrical, for equal coverage in both vertical and horizontal cabinet mounting positions. High frequency component protection is provided by the Atlas Sound PolyGuard protection circuit. The SM82T includes an internally mounted 60 watt 70.7V/100V line matching transformer with screwdriver adjustable tap selection for use in distributed sound applications and an 😯 bypass.343.99
AtlasAtlas- SM52T-BAudio612079178841The black SM52T Strategy Series Surface Mount Loudspeaker System from Atlas Sound is designed for use in commercial, professional, and residential applications or where a weather-resistant system is desired. Full-range frequency response allows this speaker to be used in indoor or outdoor installations, in monaural and stereo foreground or background music systems, and for applications in boutiques,shops, restaurants, cafes, recreation sports centers, and houses of worship. The included multi-position, C-shaped mounting bracket and rugged construction provide installation flexibility.201.99
AtlasAtlas- TSD-MIX41Audio612079187812The TSD-MIX41 4x1 Mic/Line Mixer from Atlas Sound is designed for applications where multiple mic or line sources need to be sub mixed or summed. In house of worship applications the TSD-MIX41 can be used to combine similar sources such as choir microphones to a single mixer channel. The unit also works as a stand-alone mic/line mixer that can be interfaced with Atlas Sound amplifiers. Other applications include restaurants, conference rooms, and schools. Each input is mic/line switchable with phantom power provided for condenser microphones. The low noise internal mic preamps ensure clarity and quiet operation without unwanted coloration. A 12dB/octave high pass filter at 125Hz also is available on each input to minimize bass rumble and low frequency feedback. A 24VDC power supply (available separately) is required for operation.232.99
AtlasAtlas- FA138T167Audio612079135868Model FA138T167 is Atlas Sound's premium 8" coaxial loudspeaker with a factory installed, high efficiency 16 Watt 70.7V transformer. The loudspeaker includes a circuit board mounted high-pass/low-pass crossover which produces outstanding sound quality. Model FA138 contains a reinforced polypropylene cone woofer, a custom butyl rubber surround, a 1 1/2" vented Kapton voice coil, a 21 oz. magnet and a 1/2" mylar-dome ferrofluid cooled tweeter for clean and powerful weather-resistant performance. The integral 16 Watt 70.7V transformer features a 40Hz to 15kHz frequency response (+/- 1 dB) with 4, 8 and 16 watt primary taps. For optimum acoustic and application versatility the Strategy series has been engineered as a system offering both the FA97-8 Series high performance enclosures (.22ft3) with acoustic batting as well as the economy FA95-6 Series (.17ft3) backbox enclosures.131.99