Evaluations, Assessments and Compliance

ZEVA, Evaluations, Assessments and Compliance

ZEVA is a web-based compliance management tool for conducting technical assessments and evaluations.

Our Features

  • Manage Governance, Risk and Compliance in real-time
  • Monitor Quality Management across teams
  • Conduct self-assessments
  • Oversee compliance for OSHA, ISO 9001, ESRM and more
  • Reduce cost of conducting evaluations and maintaining compliance
  • Provides real-time data and analytics
  • Collaborate across multiple office locations
  • Conduct asset evaluations on floorplans and maps
  • Attach documentation during evaluation creation


Zeva provides a highly intuitive interface and utilizes Microsoft’s Azure Cloud to provide a robust and secure hosted environment to scale from small organizations with fewer than 10 users to global enterprises with over 10,000 employees.


What makes ZEVA a value proposition, for any organization, is the ability to create and manage an unlimited number of custom assessments, while providing real time data and analytics to decision makers and management anywhere in the world.


Mitigate risk and maintain compliance with centralized secure hosting, improved reporting, and real-time dashboards and analytics. Items identified with “Findings” can be immediately assigned corrective measures to ensure timely remediations.


ZEVA was created by CodeLynx, a software engineering company with 15 years of experience providing accreditation and assessment software for the defense industry.

The CodeLynx team developed the ZEVA platform to support the evolving evaluation requirements of commercial and government organizations of any size. ZEVA was designed with a flexible framework that enables evaluations, of any type, to be monitored and conducted by a global workforce. CodeLynx is a Microsoft Gold Partner and relies on the Azure Cloud to provide clients with robust and reliable access to their secure data.