A Mixed Reality Security System

ARIES: A Mixed Reality Security System

CODELYNX is bringing security into the next generation with our Augmented Reality for Integrated Electronic Security, or ARIES for short. This technology creates a mixed reality environment using Microsoft’s HoloLens. The ARIES platform creates a wearable Heads-Up Display to bring video feeds, access control, intrusion, and alert information to the user on the move in a private and secure format. It also provides the security operations center with a real time body worn display of what the field units are seeing and interacting with.

Provide your security guards with real time alerts.  This presents security personnel with a number of advantages including interaction with system alerts, physical sensors and cameras providing video feeds.

Live video feeds gives mobile users the capability to view video feeds of locations before they arrive there. ARIES eliminates blind entry into an area.

Significant enhancement of situational awareness is achieved by presenting security personnel with alerts and immediate access to data so they are able to quickly address security needs.

ARIES is a Mixed Reality security platform that allows field users such as guards, law enforcement officers, or any other field user to view video feeds, grant access to doors, send duress signals and lock down doors or gates by interacting with holograms that are only available to the user in the heads-up display.  The situational awareness that ARIES provides is second to none as it allows the user to interact with their physical environment while receiving and interacting with the security systems installed therein. ARIES is integrated to industry leading access control and video management software to provide a seamless experience to end users and leverages the components of the security infrastructure already in place.

For a preview of some of ARIES latest features check out the CodeLynx YouTube channel for videos.