ZEVA 2.0 Release

CodeLynx is excited to announce the release of the 2.0 version of ZEVA, our web-based assessment tool. Commercial organizations of all sizes utilize ZEVA for Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) programs to support regulatory requirements and to manage governance, risk, and compliance functions. ZEVA now provides an API framework to be able to interface more readily with other applications, allowing organizations to continue to apply their quality management approach to assessments and security. ZEVA’s flexibility provides a simpler interface among systems to enhance support of programs such as CTPATNERC CIPOSHAISO, and NIST RMF requirements.

In this version, ZEVA 2.0 has been reengineered and enhanced, utilizing the .NET Core 2.0 framework to improve usability, reliability, performance, and integration opportunities. ZEVA 2.0 was designed to streamline and simplify the process of monitoring and evaluating regulatory and compliance standards, as well as physical assets, across multiple programs and sites, utilizing a framework that facilitates the assessment of those items by any number of assigned users. ZEVA is accessible from any device and browser with internet access and supports operators in the field with the ability to evaluate in offline mode. User accounts and roles are easily created, assigned, and managed utilizing a security model that can include both internal resources and contracted employees that are granted access to the site.

Reengineering ZEVA has provided CodeLynx the opportunity to seamlessly integrate with ARIES, our Mixed Reality Security platform. This allows users to take advantage of the mixed reality features of ARIES to perform assessments, create and monitor remediation plans, and manage compliance with natural language processing, spatial mapping, and other artificial intelligence features within ARIES. ARIES further extends ZEVA, creating a powerful interface with the existing ARIES integrations to leading Access Control and Video Management Systems, granting users access to device and reporting information from camera or access equipment in those systems in real-time during an assessment.

ARIES and ZEVA are both hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, which provides a secure, scalable, and reliable solution for enterprises. To incorporate the latest advances in machine learning and AI, CodeLynx utilizes Azure Cognitive Services, Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence as a Service, within ARIES. This creates an opportunity to expound on the data captured within ZEVA by allowing the AI to recognize the location of devices and conditions present, expedite the information captured by the user, and incorporate it into the mapping functions within ZEVA.

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CodeLynx is a software and security firm specializing in creating solutions that leverage emerging technology for applications in the Security and Compliance industries. CodeLynx has been recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States by Inc. Magazine. CodeLynx has been providing solutions to the Security industry since 2003, and serves customers globally from headquarters in Charleston, SC.

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ZEVA 2.0 Release

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