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Audio Visual

CodeLynx offers a diverse range of integration and installation services for standard Audio Visual components such as sound, video, lighting, display, and projection systems. From professional conference rooms to high-level command and control centers, CodeLynx’s skilled technicians can provide installations that increase the quality of customers’ Audio Visual display and presentation capabilities.

CodeLynx offers leading Audio Visual vendor brands, such as: CrestronBarcoExact, and Ciscoand is also a designated InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist.

Video Walls

Video walls can serve as a dynamic way to present information and collaborate with data from multiple input sources. From assisting with the initial selection to performing the mechanical installation to configuring controllers, network engineering and software, CodeLynx can help fulfill all video wall needs.

CodeLynx provides installation, relation, alignment, color balance, direct fabrication and Audio Visual installation and training for video wall configurations of all sizes and technologies. From rear projection to overhead projection display, from 4K video to the new 7K format, from lamp-lit to LED, and from seamless to traditional wall-mounted monitors, our team can help customers to determine the best video wall solution for their organizations. Want to learn more? Contact us to connect with a video wall specialist!

CodeLynx  vendor partners – such as  Barco and Crestron – also provide a comprehensive selection of video conferencing solutions. As an authorized Barco reseller, CodeLynx offers a range of Barco LED and LCD Video Walls, including the stunning  UniSee Video Wall. We also offer Crestron video walls and switches, which can be an excellent addition to enhance any conference room or meeting facility.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

CodeLynx’s experience and expertise with video wall and audio visual installations make our team ideally suited to provide effective solutions for configuring Virtual and Augmented Reality displays. Our knowledge of industry standards and best practices, as well as extensive vendor partnerships allows the CodeLynx team to create custom installations. To date, CodeLynx technicians have configured and installed a variety of Virtual and/or Augmented Reality solutions throughout the United States.


CodeLynx and its partners work together to build immersive three-dimensional simulators for vehicles, aircraft, and personnel.  CodeLynx team members are certified in industry safety and quality standards, and are also highly experienced in delivering these solutions throughout the world.  Our technicians can create simulation installations that range from training use to entertainment; to learn more, please use the contact form below or visit the contact page.