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IoT and Beyond

Internet of Things

CodeLynx is uniquely positioned to help clients take advantage of the flood of IP-enabled devices connected to the internet as part of what has become known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Whether remotely accessing a hardware component from a smartphone or  finding a better way to integrate infrastructure from multiple manufacturers, CodeLynx can help to create a solution to manage any IoT scenario.  We can assist with something as small as creating an interface to existing hardware in a business office or home, to something as large as designing an energy-saving building automation system and security solution for a large campus environment. CodeLynx has both the skills and experience to bring any IoT vision to reality.

The Challenge of IoT

IoT poses both an opportunity and a challenge for many clients; with 24 Billion devices predicted to be operating within the IoT by 2020, managing the necessary network infrastructure, cyber security, and application development to ensure safe and sustainable connectivity can be a daunting task. As a partner of leading Network equipment manufacturers, CodeLynx can offer the hardware needed to provide clients smart solutions for accessing data from multiple devices and the ability to make informed decisions quickly on how to manage these device network systems.

With dedicated Software Development and Cyber teams, CodeLynx can also build custom solutions and minimize the security risks associated with interconnected and remotely-accessed devices.  Our team’s experience with physical security also allows CodeLynx to provide a dynamic range of secure integrated solutions. Designing permissions-based authentication, using secure coding, and providing information assurance are just a few ways that CodeLynx can develop sustainable solutions for clients who use a multitude of smart, connected devices.