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Commercial Burglar and Intrusion

Installation and Service

CodeLynx specializes in enterprise grade security for corporate offices, industrial and manufacturing facilities, healthcare institutions, museums, government offices and academic campuses. The approach we bring to security is professional and discrete. The CodeLynx team works with our clients to integrate security into their facilities while maintaining existing cultures and workflows.

CodeLynx has the experience, training and quality programs to ensure that our work is of the highest standards. For more information about our licenses, training, and certifications please visit Licensing.


CodeLynx offers 24/7 monitoring in UL certified facilities to provide the responsiveness required to protect facilities and minimize impacts to operations. The operators will immediately contact key points of contact upon an alarm being triggered to notify and authenticate the alarm.

In addition to the core alarm monitoring CodeLynx offers an array of other services from video base guard tours, doorman services, or providing a virtual escort to employees working after hours.


As standards have changed many jurisdictions require verification prior to dispatching emergency services personnel. CodeLynx offers multiple verification methods including web based and mobile applications as well as Two-Way Voice services to respond to an event and provide a verification to ensure a faster response.  This helps to eliminate false alarms and provide greater confidence in the system and monitoring services.

CodeLynx offers our customers the ability to immediately view video clips of the event through the app and work with responders to determine if emergency services need to be dispatched. The Push notifications inform customers about an event and enable them to act quickly to prevent a false alarm or confirm that Police or emergency services are needed.


When an incident has been identified police or emergency services can be dispatched to your place of business to quickly assist. Our trained operators work with our customers during the event response and provide access to voice or video feeds to provide up to the minute information to help minimize the impact to the business.