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Commercial Application Development

Commercial Applications

At CodeLynx, developing robust commercial software applications are a key part of our work. We particularly focus on applications for users who perform systematic reviews and assessments of processes, resources, performance, or situational awareness. Our commercial web and mobile solutions are available through a cloud deployment that can either be licensed as a subscription (via a publicly hosted environment), or installed in a client’s private cloud.


Launched in 2013, ZEVA is one commercial product that CodeLynx offers for compliance assessment and evaluation. Zeva gives users the tools to ‘Evaluate Virtually Anything’, from periodic reviews, to field examinations, site surveys, and standard audit programs. The dashboards and layout of Zeva allow users to consolidate and analyze data like never before. For more information, pleasevisit the Zeva homepage.

Microsoft Hololens

CodeLynx is bringing security into the next generation with our Augmented Reality for Integrated Electronic Security, or ARIES for short. This technology creates a mixed reality environment using a wearable Heads-Up Display to bring camera feeds, access control, intrusion, and alerts to the user on the move in a private and secure format. It also provides the security operations center with a real time body worn display of what the field units are seeing and interacting with.  The technology also allows for the creation of a virtual security operations center. So the user can manage systems and interact with a physical SOC as if they were actually there.