Field User


CodeLynx is using mixed reality to extend the features of access control and video surveillance systems to users on the move. The platform allows for the placement and interaction with holographic devices and controls in a 3-D space using a Microsoft HoloLens. Any feature that can be run through facility access control systems can be transformed into a holographic item to action different components in the security system. This can be used to setup temporary access for the security team, push control of the system out into the field and allow operators to get away from their desks, provide a heads up display for reporting on users that have come through an access control point, or add holographic panic or duress buttons throughout a facility only visible to the ARIES user.

The integration with leading video surveillance platforms allows users to create a holographic display of cameras on a security network anywhere without the cost of a physical display, installation, or power consumption. The holographic display allows ARIES users to take their monitoring on the move. This is ideal for guard tours or responding to an incident in a large facility. Users can pull up and view video information before opening the door or accessing the space in question. This also allows field users to view video data outside of the visual spectrum in the cases where infrared or thermal video is present. Holographic displays can be setup in stationary locations through out a facility so ARIES users can see and interact with them when they are nearby or can be accessed on-demand if they have the rights to do so.