Software and Web Development

Web Development

Custom software and web development lies at the heart of CodeLynx’s technical expertise. From developing secure government software tools to responsive, mobile commercial applications, the CodeLynx Software Engineering Division utilizes a variety of coding languages, architectures, development tools, and best practices.

Our team also employs a unified collaborative approach to the software development life-cycle through use of the Agile project management framework. This framework includes elements such as requirements gathering, architecture, development, change management, quality management, product deployment, training, support, and maintenance. We also provide a strong focus on the User Experience and Quality Assurance metrics in every project.

In addition to our government and commercial software development work, we also provide custom development services through software-for-hire engagements. Our team uses various technologies such as Java and .NET development (just to name a few), and supports both web and client-server environments, as well as mobile application platforms such as:  iPadAndroidSurface, and Multi-device Hybrid applications.

Proof-of-Concept Engagements

It is important to choose the right partner to help transform ideas into reality. CodeLynx has a proven track record of taking ideas and turning them into viable working solutions and prototypes. We understand the need for confidentiality and protecting the ownership of source code, and apply the same standards to software and application development for-hire engagements that we use in our government engagements.

For projects of all sizes, we provide clients with an architecture outline that allows them to build out the proof of concept into a complete production-ready solution. Our software engineering team utilizes secure coding practices from the outset, and we also provide full documentation in case a client may decide to transition the development process to their own resources at a later time.  We have experience working with clients from a range of different industries, and we design easy-to-use and attractive user interfaces that will engage customers and promote clients’ desired products and services.

In addition, CodeLynx’s project management practices will ensure that the product is delivered in line with the given budget requirements and within the agreed-upon timeline. We know what it takes to develop a concept from an idea to a tangible application, and so our process provides clients with the development services that they need and the confidence in their investment that they deserve.

Production Ready Engagements

For any product that is functioning but not yet ready for production or deployment, CodeLynx can help bring it to the next level. Our team can ensure that a product is scalable, built to secure standards and leverages the best technologies available. Our highly-trained and experienced software developmentnetworking and cyber staff are always ready to provide full life-cycle development and support.

This combined with our Agile development process keeps projects on track, and helps clients to navigate unforeseen pitfalls in taking products from concept to production. With the help of CodeLynx’s development teams, clients experience transparent development processes and successful outcomes.

Want to learn more about what CodeLynx can do for you? Do you have an idea that you would like to bring to market, or are interested what development services may be necessary to turn your concept into reality? Contact us to connect with one of our business development specialists today.