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Network Engineering

CodeLynx Network Engineers specialize in designing and installing IP-based network solutions that deliver high performance without creating unnecessary data-processing bottlenecks. Our team can work with existing network infrastructure or configure new network systems. We support all aspects of network infrastructure, including: wiring, fiber, switches, routers, VLANS, network storage, and wireless solutions.


CodeLynx designs business-class networks using enterprise grade layer-3 switching. As we frequently deal with Ultra High Definition video as part of our Video Surveillance services, we design networks for large throughput using Quality of Service (QoS) and security to ensure the large amounts of data are not lost and the networks keep running optimally. This Wire Speed Networking is particularly important when moving and storing terabytes of data on a daily basis. We accomplish this through using a combination of fiber optics and 10-Gigabit Ethernet.

For Networking hardware, CodeLynx doesn’t just deal with server racks and high-end switches; we also design networks for mobile users as well. Whether that means using wireless access points or just building out controls around a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenario, we can incorporate the technology and security to fulfill any client needs. Our team can also optimize and secure an existing network for local and remote users using VPN, Kerberos and other network hardening techniques.


Data in transit is only one piece of network engineering; it is also necessary to manage the requirements that come with data at rest. The CodeLynx team can help clients to manage storage, backups, hosting, or cloud scenarios. Many of our SMB clients have easy-to-use systems with no locally-stored critical data, while other clients have mission-critical systems that require high availability environments with redundant backups in either warm or cold storage. Our approach to designing and implementing storage requirements is the same for both. CodeLynx can also work to leverage existing hardware or additions through virtualization and hybrid cloud or on-premise scenarios. We have been able to better leverage client resources by using multiple virtual machines to reduce downtime and better allocate processing and storage.


When it comes to networking, CodeLynx specializes in security as well as pulling wire and installing switches. From Active Directory to Firewalls, and from Encryption to Endpoint protection, we can review client security needs through a Network Audit, review the appropriate standards and security, and work to secure all aspects of a network and data at rest and in transit. Security is always at the forefront of everything we do, and networks are no exception. For specific Network Engineering needs – including standards compliance or Data Security – contact us for more information.