ManufacturerNameCategoryPart NumberDescriptionMSRP
BogenBogen Communications VMIX Power Vector Mixer PreamplifierAudioVMIXThe Bogen VMIX Power Vector Mixer Preamplifier is an eight channel mixer designed to integrate with commercial audio and paging systems. The VMIX Mixer Preamplifier features a modular design where eight input module / channels accommodate various input needs. The modules are sold separately and provide priority assignment features. Eight channel volume control dials, provide level control for each module. Motorized master volume control, may be remotely operated with the optional RVCP volume control. The VMIX is an ideal solution for mixing audio in restaurants, bars, commercial offices, etc.327.76
BogenBogen Communications CSD2X2 - Drop-in Ceiling Mounted Speaker with Back Can (70V/25V) (Off White)AudioCSD2X2The Bogen CSD2X2 Drop-In Ceiling Speaker is an easy-to-install 2 x 2' ceiling tile speaker for use with 25/70V commercial PA audio systems. This easily installable speaker mounts into a 2 x 2' (61 x 61cm) cut-out in the existing ceiling tile. A tile support rail is included for a precise fit in any drop ceiling. The 8" cone speaker has a 10oz magnet with a 70V/25V, 4-watt transformer.67.64 per 2
BogenBogen Communications Ceiling Speaker Assembly with S86 8" Cone & Screw Terminal Bridge (Bright White)AudioS86T725PG8UBRThis Bogen Ceiling Speaker Assembly is a pre-assembled 8" ceiling mounted speaker for your 70V or 25V commercial audio system. The speaker is sold complete with transformer, 8" S86 cone and grille cover.39.4
Variations of this speaker include white or off-white finish, recessed or knob-style volume control dials, screw-terminal bridge or bare wire connections (double check the model before ordering). The speaker is easily installed into drop-ceilings, features a 4W capacity and a 50Hz to 12kHz frequency response suitable for paging and background music.
BogenBogen Communications SM4T Easy Install Surface Mount SpeakerAudioSM4TThe SM4T from Bogen is a surface mount speaker, which can install in less than one minute without tools. This low-profile speaker has a contemporary design for installations in any decor with standard ceiling tiles. The SM4T has switch selectable multiple taps for 4, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4W with an exterior volume control.39.99
BogenBogen Communications AWHT A Series Armadillo Speaker System (White)AudioA2WHTThe AWHT A Series Armadillo Speaker (Green) from Bogen Communications is a co-axial speaker system that is excellent for playing music or broadcasting pages. The AWHT is ideal for use in smaller spaces, indoors and out; the cabinet is fully sealed and weatherproof and is UV-light resistant, enabling the unit to stand up to the harshest conditions.134.88
The system features metal alloy MDT (metal diaphragm technology) and MLS (magnetic liquid suspension) for natural sound and ultra-low distortion. In addition, gold-plated, rust proof connectors ensure that the sound you hear comes through as clear and clean as possible. The AWHT is easy to mount and install with the included color matched aluminum brackets.