Comprehensive New Evaluation Tool Released

South Carolina-based software and security integration firm CodeLynx, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of ZEVA, a flexible online and mobile assessment application. ZEVA is the next generation of evaluation software, giving users the tools to ‘Evaluate Virtually Anything.’ Periodic reviews, compliance, test and check-out, site surveys, standard audit programs, and quality management are comprehensive and streamlined, allowing users to consolidate, interact with, and analyze their data like never before.

Specific features of the ZEVA application include:

  • Customizable evaluation criteria and templates
  • Multi-dimensional scoring models
  • Adaptable comment and organizational structures
  • Data driven analytics and real-time dashboards
  • Standard and ad-hoc reporting options
  • Interactive floor plan and physical location mapping

A 30-day free trial of ZEVA is available, as well as a single user license, at Corporate and enterprise versions of the application are under development, with expected releases later this year. The two additional versions of ZEVA will expand the number of users, evaluations, and trending analysis options currently offered in the single user edition.

“We are very excited to introduce such a versatile and customizable tool to the market,” says CodeLynx President Beth Heatley. “The application has many real-world use cases that we’ve been able to test through relationships with our company’s security, government, and commercial partners.”

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