ManufacturerNameCategoryPart NumberDescriptionMSRP
FurmanFurman SS-6BControl/Signal Distribution Systems654061011224•Heavy duty metal construction50
•Illuminated ON/OFF switch
•Circuit breaker
•Transient Voltage Surge Suppression
•RFI/EMI filtering
FurmanFurman D10-PFPControl/Signal Distribution Systems654061028055The D10-PFP is a sturdy, rack-mountable power distributor. Featuring 10 rear panel outlets with circuit breaker, it offers a convenient way to power a rack full of equipment up to a 15 amp load.60
The sturdy, all steel construction and heavy-duty 6 foot (14 AWG) three conductor cord provide ultimate durability and longevity.
Note that the D10-PFP is a power distributor only, and offers no surge protection or conditioning functions, making it an ideal extension to an existing branch circuit.
FurmanFurman PLUGLOCK-PFPControl/Signal Distribution Systems654061028062The PLUGLOCK-PFP circuit-breaker protected locking outlet strip provides enough wall wart spacing for five bulky transformers and can be safely mounted out of sight, in the rear of your rack.60
Secure clamping design "locks" your transformers and conventional plugs in place, ensuring you never get disconnected from your power source. Adjustable clamps accommodate transformers and plugs from 0.4" to 2.1" above outlet.
The sturdy, all steel construction and heavy-duty 5 foot (14 AWG) three conductor cord provide ultimate durability and longevity.
FurmanFurman- P-3600 AR GControl/Signal Distribution Systems654061028215The Presti ge Series P-3600 AR G is a 3RU power conditi oner/True RMS voltage regulator that off ers a one-of-a-kind power5000
management soluti on for A/V professionals around the globe. The P-3600 AR G ensures stable 120V power delivery from any input
voltage source between 100V to 127V or 208V to 240V. The unit provides connected 120V equipment with stable voltage, power
protecti on, and AC line fi ltrati on, ideal for use with 120V A/V gear when travelling to countries with 100V, 220V, 230V, or 240V
FurmanFurman- MIW-SURGEControl/Signal Distribution Systems50616008471Provides surge protection - Ultra-thin profile can allow equipment to hang less than one inch from the wall - Compatible with most standard electrical boxes. - CSA Certified for code compliant installations.69.95