ManufacturerNameCategoryPart NumberDescriptionMSRP
LutronNova T Slide to Off Flourescent 3-wire Matt FinishLighting88163642Nova® 3-wire slide-to-off 16A 120V architectural white matte fluorescent dimmer for single-pole use.144.1
•No derating required if ganged, adjustable low-end trim
•No visible metal heatsink for improved appearance
•Automatic multi-gang alignment for quick and easy installation
LutronAriadni Toggle Dimmer, Preset 3-Way Gloss FinishLightingAY-603P-WHWhite Ariadni® preset incandescent/halogen 600W, 120V toggle dimmer with side slide adjustment for 3-way use.24.15
•1000W preset dimmers have voltage compensation which maintains stable light levels, despite line voltage variations
•Single-pole (one location)
•3-way or 4-way (two or more locations)
LutronMaestro Passive Infrared 0-10V Wall Dimmer SensorLighting25677032White passive infrared wall 0-10V dimmer sensors for 180 Deg. and 900 Sq. ft. coverage.105.55
•On a single-tap, lights fade ON or OFF
•On a double-tap, lights go to full ON
•Dimensions: 4-11/16 H x 2-15/16 W x 1-9/16 D inches
•Light levels can be fine-tuned by pressing and holding the dimming rocker until the desired light level is reached
•Off warning fades lights to off over a period of 10 seconds
•Indoor Use Only
LutronMaestro Passive Infrared Dual Technology Sensor SwitchLighting25653397White high passive infrared wall occupancy sensor switch for 180 Deg. and 900 Sq. ft. coverage.94.38
•For indoor use only
•Tamper-resistant lens
•Two ambient light detect options
•Dimensions: 4-11/16 H x 2-15/16 W x 1-9/16 D inches
•XCT™ Technology for fine motion detection
•Wallplate sold seperately
LutronDiva C.L Single Pole-3-Way with Locator Light Gloss FinishLightingDVCL-153P-WHWhite Diva® 600W dimmable incandescent and dimmable 150W, 120V CFL/LED rocker dimmer with side adjustment for single-pole & 3-way use.38.69
•Large paddle switch turns the light on/off and returns to your favorite dim setting
•Matches existing decorator style switches
•Dimmer can even dim a mixed load of light sources (i.e. LED and halogen or CFL and LED bulbs on the same circuit)
•Locater light glows in the off position, making the dimmer easy to find in the dark
•Saves energy and extends bulb life
•Superior RFI suppression